Sometimes life can be really surprising. One of such surprising moments occurs when you realize that this little metal bit at the end of the shoelace actually... has a name! And so does the area between your eyebrows, and many other things in fact!

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In recent years, the rise of the Internet has revolutionized the way in which musicians create, distribute and monetize music, enabling aspiring musicians to establish their brand while bypassing the record label model and breaking the old paradigm of the traditional music industry. Meytal Cohen is a pioneer music entrepreneur that has gathered millions of followers through her unique online journey, establishing herself as one of the most well known drummers in the world through her YouTube drum videos, gaining over 140 million views to date.




We all do it quite often. If I said we do it every day, it would not be an overstatement. And how often do you wash your hair? And do you know what your shampoo is made of? And why?




In the face of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need a new radical humanism, says Tim Leberecht. For the self-described “business romantic,” this means designing organizations and workplaces that celebrate authenticity instead of efficiency and questions instead of answers. Leberecht proposes four (admittedly subjective) principles for building beautiful organizations.




With humor and charm, mathematician Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón answers a question that’s wracked the brains of bored students the world over: What is math for? He shows the beauty of math as the backbone of science — and shows that theorems, not diamonds, are forever. In Spanish, with English subtitles.