They say that love is a magnetic force. They also say that people in successful relationships are two parts of the whole, that they complement each other by being opposites. Where one is plus, the other is a minus. Where one is yin, the other is yang.

But… is it really like this? The time has come to corroborate the myth!




Here’s the million dollar question: How many times do you have to make the first impression? Ok, you don’t really need to answer this one :)

Even though it may seem like everything about making the first impressions has already been told, each new piece of advice on the subject is just as precious as all the others.




Creativity is the basis of conceptual work. Thanks to creative innovators the world of technology and science has not just stepped, but leaped forward over the past couple of years. And we all would love to be innovative and creative.

The problem is that our daily lives, duties and jobs only suppress what’s left of our creativity anyway. So, is there a way of reactivating our dormant creative spirit? 




Leonardo da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Albert Einstein concurred several centuries later and stated “[i]f you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

So, how can simplicity benefit your business?




It is said that as far as making the first impression goes it’s 70 percent how you look, 20 percent how you sound, and… 10 percent what you say.  Once you look at these proportions you will immediately recognise the importance of your body language.

Could it really be the case that if someone had a magical remote control and pressed the ‘mute’ button, we’d still be able to convey 70 percent of who we are just by looking and acting in a particular way?