Even though making long-term predictions may be tricky at times, some things are just as plain as day. Like the fact that in 5 billion years the sun will enter the red giant stage, by which time the Earth will have become a desiccated, barren desert totally devoid of life as we know it.

This is exactly the reason why scientists are looking for another world where humanity will be able to settle down and continue to prosper. Recently they have spotted a potentially interesting planet, not too far away, where we – or rather future generations of humans – may find a place called home.




What can you do in just two minutes? There are several possibilities: boil a soft-boiled egg, sharpen some pencils, write a haiku, or force yourself to do nothing at all. Oh, it also takes two minutes to silently transmit emotions to a perfect stranger sitting next to you.




Do you also have the feeling that all the useful information about presentations and selling is being constantly recycled? If you truly believe that everything has been said before and there’s nothing left to say anymore, you should definitely take a look at the results of recent scientific research.




Today, let us light a candle to honor the memory of the departed loved ones.