Originality and innovation have always been beyond price. Especially among young aspiring entrepreneurs whose mission is to create the next big thing.

However, with all those ideas bouncing around it’s extremely difficult to think of something totally new. All the more so as our brains are wired to recycle the ideas we’ve already heard about!

So how to get better at thinking independently?




The way we interact with online content is changing. The number of smartphones shipped annually is larger than the number of tablets, notebooks and laptops combined.

That’s why it’s only natural that increasingly more companies want to mark their mobile presence and open up to the new generation of Internet users. And sometimes the switch to mobile can be very surprising.




Some want to get hibernated. Some get mummified. Some get entries in encyclopedias. There are dozens of ways of immortalizing yourself, and one of them is writing a book.   

If you have an idea you’d like to share (one that doesn’t totally stink) but you’re conflicted about whether or not to write a book, you should definitely take a look at this.




Some say it’s about 30 seconds. Others pin it somewhere between 7 and 17 seconds. It doesn’t really matter how long it takes to make the first impression, what does matter, though, is that you won’t have another chance to make it again. 

Anyway, first impressions may be equally tricky for those who struggle to make them and those who are to make judgements on them. And even though first impressions may have a huge bearing upon a person’s image, there are many other areas that a good judge of people should take into consideration.