They may look endearing. They may be gurgling and cooing. They may need to have their diapers changed. But soon enough they will take matters in their own hands and will be in charge of this planet.

How to foster the spirit of curiosity and fan the fire of entrepreneurship in kids? How to help them become great leaders of tomorrow? Check out: How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids



  • foster – encourage or promote the development of something
  • break something down – (here) separate something into parts, analyze
  • bookend – position at the end or on either side of something
  • overwhelm – give too much of a thing to someone
  • overnight – during the course of a night, very quickly/suddenly
  • empower – give (someone) the authority or power to do something


Think about it

Do the sentences below present valid conclusions?

  • It is essential for the parent to choose the best option when problems come up in their child’s life.
  • Presenting criticism as a learning opportunity allows parents to influence their child’s willingness to fail and learn.
  • According to Andrea Vazanna if children don’t get overwhelmed then they don’t have too many choices.
  • A sense of mastery can be achieved by gradually increasing complexity of tasks.
  • Following rules is never justifiable and only inhibits entrepreneurship.

 Practice makes perfect

In the sentences below replace the phrases in bold with the expressions from the original text. Leave your answers in the comments below!

  • Future business leaders and startup founders will be today’s young kids whose parents have brought them up with an entrepreneurial spirit — a skill that is more and more important as young people pour into the startup world and the freelance economy grows.
  • When problems crop up in your child’s life, brainstorm solutions together.
  • The more parents can analyze what’s needed within that problem solving task, really put it into words, and discuss it with the child, the better off the child will be.
  • To do this, express criticism in terms of a learning opportunity by helping your child practice the skill or brainstorm what they could do in a different manner next time.
  • Instead, teach kids to dispute the validity of norms constructively by articulating their case.


Fill in the blank spaces with the correct forms of the words in capital letters.

  • [You have to] model ______ problem solving. EFFECT
  • Help kids learn from ______. FAIL
  • An entrepreneur’s confident decisions are rooted in early ______. DEPEND
  • By setting them up to ______, you ______ them to feel confident taking risks. SUCCESS, POWER
  • Your behavior helps kids understand how to question norms ______ and when to just follow the rules. DIPLOMACY

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