Even though working for a startup is cool by definition, the ultimate choice of  a workplace is influenced by several factors. And it’s not just money, money and money again. Not at all.

For example, you can create a company culture which will gain you a reputation as an employer that people would simply love to work for. They did it at Google. Now…  it’s your turn!

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  • carry out – to perform or cause to be implemented
  • roll up your sleeves – to prepare for hard work
  • trench –  a long, narrow excavation in the ground, the earth from which is thrown up in front to serve as a shelter from enemy fire or attack.
  • enviable – worthy of envy; very desirable
  • entice – to lead on by exciting hope or desire
  • perk – an incidental payment, benefit, privilege, or advantage over and above regular income, salary, or wages
  • fundraiser – a person who raises money for a cause
  • endeavor – an effort to do or attain something


Think about it

Based on the text answer the following questions. Leave your answers in the comments below!

  • Describe the ideal candidate for a startup.
  • What two factors may play a decisive role for a candidate to join a startup?
  • How does a “summer Friday” work?
  • How can a leader become more accessible to their staff?
  • What are the advantages of a profit-sharing program?


Practice makes perfect

In the sentences below replace the phrases in bold with the expressions from the original text. Leave your answers in the comments below!

  • You have to be a certain type of person to join a startup.
  • There are no two identical job candidates, but a competitive salary and benefits will be deciding factors for most every prospective employee. However, several other factors can play an import ant role.
  • Apart from helping attract employees, this can be really helpful in developing loyalty.
  • Allow employees to get involved by voting for a cause that the company will support and ask them to propose different ways to help through on-site volunteering, fundraisers or other options.
  • The best employees want to be at a company where they can push their career forward, and from Day One they need to feel safe in the knowledge that there is room for that to happen.


Put the words in bold back in place.

environment, no, endeavor, contribute, reasons, workforce, attract, employees

Starting a business is not an easy ______, and there are many ______ why some fail and others succeed. But what is universal is that ______ company can succeed without a strong ______, and one where ______ really believe in the company’s mission and culture can make it even stronger. Creating an ______ that values employees and allows them to learn and grow will ______ the most talented employees — and ______ significantly to your company’s success.


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