The success behind a group effort depends on each and every team member. However, no team can be successful without an experienced and efficient leader.

Good cooperation between team members and leaders is sometimes a matter of life and death. Literally. Especially when you plan on exploring the roof of the world and beating the relentless slopes of Mt. Everest.




They say that if you break a mirror you’ll have 7 years of bad luck. Yet, the bad luck can be averted if you take all the shards and pieces and bury them in moonlight. Well, at least this is what they say.

Believe it or not but it’s been scientifically proved that there may be more to rituals than meets the eye.




Long before we humans started to write, we’d mastered the art of drawing pictures. And it kind of worked for us. This is quite evident when we think about the way we… think.

We tend to associate and analyze information much more efficiently when it is presented in the form of visualizations. After all, they say that a picture is worth a 1000 words.




In a highly competitive job market it is crucial to select those candidates who’ve got that certain something.

The thing is, though, it may be quite challenging to put your finger on what that “certain something” is, which by the way does not really come as a surprise…

When it comes to fresh grads it may be their education, for example. Or… Well it’s not that obvious any longer.