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Have you ever wondered what love, creativity and potential have in common? For one thing they are only communicable through actions rather than words. At the end of the day, it’s what you do that counts, not what you say.

Here’s some advice on how to communicate your potential to the world around you.




If creativity can be learnt, then Julie Burstein should be the teacher. As an author, radio host and producer, she dedicated her work to the pursuit of the creative spark.

She managed to find the spark in numerous areas of human activity. In her talk, she uses four different stories to illustrate creativity’s own mysterious ways.




In an age when teenagers can set up multimillion dollar companies, no one should be surprised by the young age of the present day workforce. Not even when the positions held by the young are the senior ones.

And yet even though this is what it should be like, the young are often looked down on by the more seasoned ones and lose their composure. Here’s some advice for the new generation on how to keep it calm and build the air of confidence.




It’s only natural for us humans to have a liking for stories. Good narratives are an essential part of our lives and story telling has become an invaluable life and business skill. Generally, stories and the ability to craft them is a boon for humanity.

And yet the problem begins when the border between fact and fiction becomes fuzzy. All the more so when the fiction is truly outlandish.