Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of ManpowerGroup, on finding the talent you need in an unpredictable world.

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  • agile – able to think and understand quickly; able to move quickly and easily
  • holy grail – something that you want very much but that is very hard to get or achieve
  • cumbersome – slow or complicated and therefore inefficient
  • one trick pony – someone or something that is skilled in only one area
  • pick sb’s brains (or brain) – obtain information by questioning someone who is better informed about a subject than oneself


 Think about it


Stop at the times indicated in brackets and answer the questions.


1. What is the agile workforce?

2. What is the difference between the agility of workforce in a startup and a large organisation?


3. What two reasons make it imperative for organisations to have agile workforce?


4. What does Jeffrey say about simplification?

5. Which aspect of the functioning of an organisation is critical when it comes to a successful implementation of simplification?


6. What kind of work model should a company adopt to stay agile?


7. What does Jeffrey say about the interconnection between the individual and the company?


8. What does Jeffrey say about employability security vs. job security? How does this influence a company’s employment policy and attitudes?

(listen until the end)

9. What role should the government play in helping people stay employable? How can it be done?

Follow-up questions

10. What do you think the workforce of the future will look like?

11. What is your opinion on the subject of employability vs job security in the context of the future of work?


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