Whenever we’re faced with a change in our lives we have to deal with a challenge of having to get used to the new. The challenge tends to be larger or smaller but it’s never entirely absent. There are at least several ways in which we can make sure that the challenge of coping with the new will never grow out of proportion.

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  • be wired to do sth – it is natural for sb/sth to do sty
  • override – use one’s authority to reject or cancel
  • handle sth – cope with sth
  • intangible – unable to be touched; not having physical presence
  • transcend – be or go beyond the range or limits of


Think about it

 Answer the questions below.

  • What examples support the statement that “we are wired to recognize and process familiar people [. . .], situations [and processes]?”
  • How do we know that “building up trust and focusing specifically on steps related to this can override the discomfort of unfamiliarity?”
  • What structures and processes can increase engagement when we’re faced with an unfamiliar person or situation?
  • What role does stress play in how we handle unfamiliar situations or people?
  • What does the author say about the way people may react to art even when it is unfamiliar?


Practice makes perfect

In the paragraph below 1. fill in the blank spaces with the missing words (use ONE word per blank space) 2. use the words in CAPITAL LETTERS in the correct form and 3. fill in the blanks spaces with the missing letters (one underscore _ corresponds to a single letter).

This implies that when a person or situation is ________ FAMILIAR, setting up structures and processes that e_ha_ _e trust will increase engagement. What are some of these things? Clear communication, being ________ time, delivering ________ promises, and fulfilling ________ CONTRACT obligations are good ways to create a climate of trust when things are unfamiliar. And speaking ________ contracts, in today’s more c_s_ _l business environment, you may be more i_c_in_d to ignore the contractual elements of a business ________ RELATION, or even ________ LOOK a mutual non-disclosure agreement.  It is probably best not to do this for the o_ _v_ _ _s reasons—and you miss ________ opportunity to build trust.


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