One of the factors that companies think differentiates them from their competition is their customer service. And everything would be fine if it wasn’t what every single company says. So how to make sure that your customer service really stands out from the crowd?

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  • rarely – on rare occasions; infrequently; seldom
  • exemplary – worthy of imitation
  • intimidating – to make timid; fill with fear
  • evangelize – to advocate a cause with the object of making converts

Think about it

Are the statements below true (T) or false (F)?

  • Currently, providing a good product or service is by and large enough to gain a customer for life.
  • Your customers would like to make you chase them.
  • If you steadily supply some of your customers with bottled water, they will feel loved.
  • Appreciation has both a physical and psychological impact on your customers.
  • Empathy towards a customer has a potential of creating a lifetime bond.


Practice makes perfect

Each of the sentences below there is a grammatical mistake. Find them and correct them. To check your answers, find the sentences in the article and compare your corrections with the original versions. 

  • In today market, providing a good product or service is rarely enough to gain a customer for life.
  • I often hear executives tell me its their customer service that makes them different or better than their competitors.
  • Don’t make them chase you. Make them feel they are most important transaction in your day.
  • Morantz suggests you look them in an eye and tell them they have 100 percent of your attention.
  • They are hungry for knowledge?


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