Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool. Thanks to it you can create an emotional connection between your customer and your product or service. Such a connection might turn out to be crucial whenever a customer is making a purchasing decision. That’s why a good story is so important. 

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  • fluctuations – an irregular rising and falling in number or amount; a variation
  • abundance – a very large quantity of something
  • conceivable  – capable of being imagined or grasped mentally
  • imply – indicate the truth or existence of (something) by suggestion rather than explicit reference
  • harrowing  – acutely distressing


Think about it

Answer the questions below.

  • Is variety always good?
  • Why is knowing your niche and perfecting your brand story so crucial?
  • What are the dangers of not matching your story to your company style?
  • How can you make an emotional connection? What should your story be like to create it?
  • How can you make your brand story easier to share?


Practice makes perfect


Fill in the blank spaces with the missing words. Use ONE word per blank space.

Despite fluctuations ________ our economy, it seems fair to say that by and ________ we live in a time of abundance. Retail stores offer a dizzying variety of ________ manner of goods, from dishwashing gloves and trash cans to any conceivable ply of toilet paper your heart or hind-end desires.

While variety may be ________ spice of life, it can also be overwhelming. With all that choice, what do you buy? This is a crucial question to ask ________, because it’s what your clients and customers will be asking, too. When people are faced with your product or service ________ the Internet or store shelves, how do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

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