Wouldn’t it be great if we had a quick and reliable way of retrieving lost memories? We would be able to recall each and every moment of our exotic holidays, or days spent with our loved ones. Even though this might seem like distant future, everything starts now with P300.

Check out: Your brain waves could reveal what you forgot (or lied about)






  • interrogation – ask questions of (someone) closely, aggressively, or formally
  • pertain – be appropriate, related, or applicable to
  • salient – most noticeable or important
  • incriminate – make (someone) appear guilty of a crime or wrongdoing
  • circumvent – find a way around (an obstacle)
  • infallible – incapable of making mistakes or being wrong
  • validate – check or prove the validity or accuracy of


Think about it

Answer the questions.

  • Why may it be difficult for us to recall information during interrogations?
  • What is P300?
  • Describe the experiment conducted by Meixner and Rosenfeld.
  • How did the P300 brainwave behave in the course of the experiment?
  • Why hasn’t CIT been adopted in the US yet?


Practice makes perfect

Fill in the blank spaces with the missing words. Use ONE word per blank space.

Video captured by the 24 subjects was analyzed ________ the researchers, psychologists John B. Meixner and J. Peter Rosenfeld ________ Northwestern University. The people were divided ________ two groups, 12 test subjects and 12 control subjects. For the test subjects, Meixner and Rosenfeld compiled individual lists of things the test subjects ________ seen over the course of the day, as well ________ similar things they hadn’t seen. Say a test subject ________ seen a Trader Joe’s, for example: that person’s list would contain Trader Joe’s and one or two similar stores like Whole Foods or Kroger.


Further research will look ________ whether presenting images, video clips and other types of information will produce results similar ________ those to related to descriptive words — preliminary work by the group suggests this will likely be ________ case. Additional research is needed to further validate the P300 effect in ________CIT setting. Currently, the CIT is extensively used in Japan and some other countries, but hasn’t been adopted in the US due ________ a lack of studies proving ________ validity and reliability in criminal settings.


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