There are many ways of learning new things. But there’s only one that was worthy of Bruce Lee’s attention. Maybe it’s worthy of yours too?

Check out: The One Learning Technique That Scared The Heck Out Of Bruce Lee



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  • conquer – overcome and take control of (a place or people) by military force
  • payroll – a list of a company’s employees and the amount of money they are to be paid
  • pawn – a chess piece of the smallest size and value, that moves one square forwards along its file if unobstructed (or two on the first move), or one square diagonally forwards when making a capture
  • rook – a chess piece, typically with its top in the shape of a battlement, that can move in any direction along a rank or file on which it stands


Think about it

  • What does it mean that the author crushes his 13-year old at tennis?
  • What two ways of learning does the author identify? Characterize them both.
  • What examples from his professional life does the author give to prove his point?
  • What is the Bruce Lee technique? How has the author adapted it for his purpose?
  • What should you do when you have an idea and want to remember it?


Practice makes perfect

Fill in the blank spaces with the verbs in brackets used in correct tenses and forms.

One time I ________ (throw) right into the middle of a huge multi-million line software project. We ________ (program) Time Warner’s “interactive TV” experiment in Orlando.

Now everyone just turns on their Apple TV and starts streaming. Think of this as the first version of that. I ________ (have) no clue what I ________ (do) and I had to learn fast or be fired.

In my arrogance I suggested to my boss that Time Warner should use “the Internet” to deliver video to customer homes. This ________ (be) in 1994.

My boss said, “James! The Internet is great for academics. But these cable guys know what they are doing. Trust that they know better than you.”

So I had to learn all of these programming techniques very fast (or I would be fired) that ended up helping me for many years after.

Another time I was CEO of a company that was about to miss payroll. I would wake up in the middle of the night adding up numbers to see if we would make it. If we would survive. If I would survive.

I ________ (never sell) anything in my life. I had to learn how to be a salesman very quickly or we wouldn’t meet payroll.

I don’t know if I ________ (do) a very good job at it. But I had to learn very fast so at least I wouldn’t be bad at it. I’m still learning.

In the past 30 years of teaching people and also learning things under pressure I ________ (find) four AGGRESSIVE techniques to learn something very quickly.


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