Do you like stress? Do you browse too much? Do you demand people meet you in person? Those might be habits that are killing your work output.

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  • at hand – close by
  • cherish – protect and care for (someone) lovingly
  • twiddle – twist, move, or fiddle with (something), typically in a purposeless or nervous way.
  • shoot the breeze – have a casual conversation
  • quip – a witty remark
  • grind something out – produce something dull or tedious slowly and laboriously.
  • hamper – hinder or impede the movement or progress of


Think about it

Answer the questions below.

  • Why is arriving late to a meeting a bad habit?
  • Who are long voice mails bad for? Why?
  • How can you improve your texting habits?
  • What is a loner mindset?
  • What is the worst bad habit according to the author? Do you agree?


Practice makes perfect

Fill in the blank spaces with the missing words. Use ONE word per blank space.

Most of us run late ________ meetings _______ occasion. What we don’t realize is that ________ lack of timeliness destroys productivity for everyone–including you. If you’re ten minutes late ________ a meeting, it means everyone else ________ to twiddle their thumbs. It means you are ________ giving yourself enough margins. And, it’s adding stress which kills your momentum and ruins clear thinking. Plus, it stresses you ________.


Fill in the blank spaces with the correct forms of the words in CAPITAL LETTERS.

This is a hard one to squash. Some of us are ________ AVOID by nature. Yet, saving hard tasks is not a good way to stay ________ PRODUCT because you never know how long they will take, you’ll stress out over them, and (most ________ IMPORTANCE) you’ll probably work slower later in the day. It’s better to get the tough stuff out of the way.


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