If you ever want to boast about a spectacular achievement of yours, think twice. Especially if you’re faking it.

Check out: Couple accused of faking Mount Everest climb with phony photos



What does it mean that a photo is “doctored?” Have you ever doctored one?



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  • fake – forge or counterfeit (something)
  • doctor – change the content or appearance of (a document or picture) in order to deceive; falsify
  • summit – to reach a summit
  • fib – a small or trivial lie; minor falsehood
  • get the boot – be dismissed from (e.g. one’s job)


Think about it

Decide if the sentences below are true or false:

  • The couple won’t be able to arrive in Nepal for the next 10 years.
  • The husband and wife said they were the first married couple who summited Mount Everest.
  • The investigation was launched because someone realised the photo was fake.
  • Nepalese officials gave the couple an official certificate to document the climb.
  • The couple didn’t show up after the investigation.


Practice makes perfect

Put the words in bold back where they belong.

mountain    –    heights    –    launched    –    the    –    foreground    –    phony    –    doctoring

  • An Indian couple is in a ________ of trouble for faking their climb to the top of Mount Everest, according to reports Tuesday.
  • The climbers, who are both cops, took cheating to new ________ by ________ photos of themselves at the peak, according to the French news service.
  • As proof, they superimposed images of themselves into the ________ of a photo belonging to a climber who had actually reached the peak, authorities told the news service.
  • Nepalese officials gave them a certificate to document the epic journey based on the ________ photo, authorities said.
  • The climbers will get ________ boot from the country, they said.
  • The couple disappeared after the investigation was ________ and are still missing, the Indian Express reported.


Use the verbs in brackets in correct tenses. What tenses are used?

As proof, they ________ (superimpose) images of themselves into the foreground of a photo belonging to a climber who ________ (actually reach) the peak, authorities ________ (tell) the news service.


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