Christmas is around the corner so it might be a good idea to see what such a city as London has to offer in Christmas time! And how do you spend time at and around Christmas?




Vocabulary practice

Fill in the blank spaces in the expressions below (1-10) with the missing words (A-J). Watch the video to check your answers.


1. all year ________

2. ________ Christmas

3. when December comes ________

4. to take a step ________ your routine

5. ________ ideas and inspiration

6. ________ brands

7. street ________

8. appreciate ________ River Thames

9. one of my favorite lunch ________

10. perfect to ________ on a cold day


A. at

B. gather

C. along

D. warm you up

E. spots

F. luxury

G. the views of

H. back from

I. performers

J. round


Think about it

Answer the questions below.

  • What is breathtaking about London according to Lucy?
  • What happens to Londoners when December comes along?
  • What is one of the things Lucy enjoys doing at Chrismas?
  • What can you find in Oxford Street and King’s Road?
  • What used to be in the center of Covent Garden and what happened there in the 1980s?
  • What makes Lucy feel small in the city?
  • What did Borough Market celebrate in 2014?


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