From pothos to succulents, why people love taking care of plants.









  • unboxing – an act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site
  • gangbustersoutstandingly excellent or successful
  • genus – a principal taxonomic category that ranks above species and below family, and is denoted by a capitalized Latin name, e.g. Leo
  • pest – a destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.
  • tranquil – free from disturbance; calm
  • perfunctory – (of an action) carried out without real interest, feeling, or effort


Watch and listen

Answer the questions below.

  • How many plants are there in the house featured? (01:10)
  • Why have millennials embraced the idea of gardening? (01:30)
  • What is another possible reason millennials have adopted plants? (03:00)
  • What benefits do indoor plants bring? (04:45)
  • How has social media helped the rise in popularity of houseplants? (06:00)



Practice Makes Perfect

PHRASAL VERBS: Use the phrasal verbs below in their correct form to fill in the sentences. Go to New Yorker to find out more.

snatch up     go about     inch into     grow up     delve into

Until very recently, I 1.__________ my days with a moderate case of “plant blindness”—a term coined, in 1998, by the botanists James Wandersee and Elisabeth Schussler, to describe the widespread non-noticing of plants in one’s environment and the ranking of plants as inferior to animals.

I’d 2.__________ in Texas attending hundreds of Friday-night games.

I started gazing with uncontrollable longing into apartment windows, storefronts, restaurants, yoga studios, dreaming about 3.__________ every beautiful plant within and hoarding them in my now barren-seeming home.

Within a few weeks, I had 4.__________ the periphery of a large and growing cohort of young plant obsessives, the most eminent of whom are respected plant professionals such as the thirty-four-year-old Summer Rayne Oakes, an activist and model

For my part, I haven’t yet 5.__________ Instagram plant world—my hobby is so new and my plant-longing so fierce that I don’t want to exacerbate or destabilize it (or further inflate my credit-card statements) with seductive visions of enormous monstera leaves stretching toward the light.





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