First eggs are bad. Then they’re OK. Now they’re bad again. Nutrition Diva puts the latest study on eggs and cholesterol in perspective.






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  • to raise eyebrows – to lift one’s eyebrows in a display of shock, surprise, or offense; to elicit shock, surprise, or offense, typically through unconventional actions or words
  • nutrient – a substance used by an organism to survive, grow, and reproduce
  • nutrition – the process of taking in and using food, or the scientific study of this
  • to let sb off the hook – to allow someone to escape from a difficult situation or to avoid doing something that they do not want to do
  • the newswire – an electronic news-service that delivers up-to-the-minute news, usually via the internet, to the media and the public
  • to jerk around – (rude slang) to tease someone, often by trying to convince them of something untrue



Discuss in pairs, small groups, or with your teacher.

  • How about you? How many eggs do you eat a week?
  • Are eggs healthy in your opinion?
  • Do you believe in the findings that diets containing more cholesterol do not increase heart disease risk factors?
  • Can one eat more eggs if they don`t eat meat?
  • Do you believe people who eat a lot of eggs are not concerned about nutrition?
  • Has your diet changed at all over the last 10 years? Why?

Practice Makes Perfect

Use the glossary words and expressions to fill in the sentences. Make sure to use the correct form. Go to Healthy eating to find out more.

the newswire            nutrition         to raise eyebrows    

   jerked (around)           (to let sb) off the hook            nutrient

  1. Theresa and Bob`s sudden marriage …………. in their family.
  2. When criticizing Microsoft, we should not focus so narrowly on Microsoft that we let other proprietary software developers ……… .
  3. When this latest study hit ……., plenty of concerned listeners reached out to me for comment.
  4. I totally sympathize with those of you who feel …….. around having heard the news.
  5. There are alternative sources of ……… to meat.
  6. Eat a variety of foods to get all the ………. you need.

ANSWERS: raised a few eyebrows; off the hook; the newswire; jerked; nutrition; nutrients 





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