From Food Deliveries To Batteries, This Spacecraft Is A Lifeline For Astronauts







  • to pop – to go somewhere for a short time, often without notice
  • hankering – a strong wish
  • unmanned – (of vehicles such as spacecraft ) not having any people in, operated automatically or controlled from a distance
  • refuse – trash, garbage
  • payload – (of an aircraft or spacecraft) the amount or weight of things or people that it is carrying
  • chamber – a closed space in a machine
  • well-honed – having a skill/skills that are developed very well
  • liftoff – takeoff (of an aircraft or a rocket vehicle)
  • to incinerate – to destroy by burning
  • berth – a space for a vessel to dock or anchor; a space where a vehicle can be parked, as for loading
  • foothold – a secure position, especially a firm basis for further progress or development
  • dwellers – a person living in a particular place



Discuss in pairs, small groups, or with your teacher:

  • Have you ever dreamed about being an astronaut?
  • What does it take to become an astronaut?
  • Would you like to travel into space and experience zero gravity ?
  • How important is the job of an astronaut?
  • If you spent a few months in space, what would you do first when you came back to Earth?
  • What personal item would you take with you on a journey into space?
  • What comes to your mind when you see men walking on the moon or astronauts doing space walks?


Practice Makes Perfect

Match the sentence halves:

1.       Astronauts can’t just pop to the corner store when …

2.       Their food needs to …

3.       As wondrous as space is, …

4.       The Japanese space freighter’s trips to the space station are complex undertakings, …

5.       Upon reentry into Earth’s atmosphere, …

6.       The “Lunar Gateway” will enable astronauts to visit the moon’s surface from the station and …

a) last and be easy to eat in zero gravity.

b) the freighter and its contents incinerate.

c) but after seven previous missions, the entire process is a well-honed routine.

d) conduct scientific experiments.

e) they get a hankering for tortillas.

f) it’s rather inconvenient.


 Use the words in Glossary to fill in the gaps in the sentences below:

  1. He felt a …………. for a cigarette and struggled it back.
  2. I was looking for my cat when suddenly it ………. out of the laundry basket.
  3. An hour later and my business skills were well- ….…. .
  4. The plan means recycling 15 percent of the city’s …….. .
  5. Hundreds of spectators gathered to watch the ……. of the space shuttle.
  6. The first ……….. test flight happened in 1999.



Match the sentence halves: 1e; 2a; 3f; 4c; 5b; 6d

Fill in the gaps: 1. hankering; 2. popped; 3. (well-)honed; 4. refuse; 5. liftoff; 6. unmanned




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