China’s one-child policy ended in 2015, but we’re just beginning to understand what it was like to live under the program, says TED Fellow and documentary filmmaker Nanfu Wang. With footage from her film “One Child Nation,” she shares untold stories that reveal the policy’s complex.








  • sterilized – deprived of the ability to produce offspring (children)
  • to stand up to sb – to defend yourself against a powerful person/organization when they treat you unfairly
  • substantial – large in size, value
  • to question – to have or express doubts about something
  • midwife – a nurse who is trained to deliver babies
  • fetus – a young human being or animal before birth
  • to tremble – to shake involuntarily (with fear or cold)
  • perpetrator – someone who has committed a crime or a violent act
  • elaborate – decorated, embellished
  • infertility – the condition of being infertile (=unable to have children)
  • to counteract – to take action to reduce the influence of something that may be harmful
  • to disobey – to refuse to do something that you are told to do
  • to seep (into somebody`s mind) – if a bad feeling or idea seeps somewhere, you start to feel or believe it
  • in plain sight – easy to see or notice, especially when it should be hidden
  • (social media) feed – something that provides updates whenever new content is available
  • vulnerable – capable of being physically or emotionally wounded



Discuss in pairs, small groups, or with your teacher:

  • How do you feel about China`s one-child policy?
  • What`s your take on the midwife’s job?
  • What is your image of life in China?
  • What is China most famous for?
  • What do you think are China’s biggest problems?
  • Do you think China will become the strongest country in the world?
  • Does the power of China make you feel anxious in any way?
  • What difficulties do you think there are in marrying someone from a different nationality to you?

Answer the folowing questions:

Did you often disobey your parents when you were young?

Would you like to be a midwife? Do you think it`s a hard job?

Have you ever stood up to your teacher/somebody else?

Have you ever questioned a decision made by your boss?


Practice Makes Perfect

Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with the correct form of the words in bold.

plain sight            counteracts      infertile          tremble    

    sterilized         feed                perpetrator                vulnerable

  1. This new medicine can help ……….. couples.
  2. In 10 percent of these cases women regret the decision to be ………… .
  3. The child was ……….. with cold.
  4. Even if your social media …..…… are displaying content automatically on your website, you can hide unwanted content from your social wall.
  5. The ……….. of the massacre must be brought to justice as soon as possible.
  6. Drinking a lot of water …………… the dehydrating effects of heat.
  7. Tourists are more …………… to attack, because they do not know which areas of the city should be avoided
  8. The terrorist carried his gun in …….. …….. .


ANSWERS: 1. infertile; 2. sterilized; 3. trembling; 4. feeds; 5. perpetrators; 6. counteracts; 7. vulnerable; 8. plain sight



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