Think twice when picking what pasta you want for dinner. The shape of your noodle makes a difference, explains Paola Antonelli, senior curator at The Museum of Modern Art.









  • to blossom – if someone or something blossoms, they develop good, attractive, or successful qualities
  • ribbed – formed into ribs or ridges
  • taxonomy – a system for naming and organizing things into groups that share similar qualities
  • dough – a mixture that consists essentially of flour and a liquid (e.g. water) and is stiff enough to knead or roll
  • slanted – sloping in one direction
  • to pinch – take a piece of skin between your thumb and first finger and give it a short squeeze
  • to scoop up – to gather or collect something with scooping motion or by using a cup-like utensil
  • palate – the top part of the inside of your mouth
  • to hone – to sharpen skills
  • mushy – soft and pulpy
  • scaffold – a temporary  structure consisting of poles and boards on the outside of a building, that people stand on when they are working on the building

Answer the following questions:

What does the speaker mean by “Food is design”?

Where does the word pasta come from?

What’s the idea behind the different shapes of pasta?

Why weren’t mandala noodles successful?

What does the speaker mean when saying pasta is “the scaffold for a whole culture to be built”?



Practice Makes Perfect

Match the sentence halves. You can go to: Why pasta comes in all shapes and sizes to check your answers.

1. Do you want it to be ribbed …
a) … feel on the palate.
2. The ribbed ones …  b) … because they are like, pinched in the middle.
3. They have a different …
c)  … or you want it to be smooth?
4. Just think of having a dough … d) … standards become really, really high.
5.  “Farfalle” means “butterflies” , or (…) bow ties, … e) … that you can shape in any way you want.
6.  … When you hone one object across centuries, … f) … absorb the sauce better.

ANSWERS: 1c) 2f) 3a) 4e) 5b) 6d)



What’s your favourite shape of pasta?

What’s your favourite pasta dish?

Would you know how to make pasta?

What’s the difference between pasta and noodles?

Do you think you should hone any of your skills?

How can one make a company blossom?

What comes to mind when you think “mushy”?



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