If you go to the store in search of milk, there are a dizzying number of products to choose from. There’s dairy milk, but also plant-based products such as almond, soy, and oat milks. So which milk is actually best for you? And which uses the fewest resources and produces the least pollution? Jonathan J. O’Sullivan and Grace E. Cunningham dive into some of the most popular milks to find out.











  • dizzying – causing someone to feel confused
  • to soak – to leave something in liquid (to clean it, make it softer, or change its flavor)
  • drain – to make gradually dry
  • to rinse – to wash lightly
  • to mill – to grind
  • to fortify – to strengthen or enhance by the addition of some substance or ingredient
  • to dilute – to add or mix (e.g.) with water so that the liquid becomes weaker
  • a barrage of – a great number of
  • to pull ahead – to take the lead in a race, contest, etc.
  • feed – (noun) food given to (especially farm) animals
  • fallow – not in use; uncultivated



Answer the questions below:

  • What needs to be done to turn a plant into milk?
  • Which healthy nutrients  don’t occur naturally in plant-based milks?
  • Which milk has the least nutrients of all?
  • Which milk is full of a healthy type of fibre?
  • Which type of milk has as much protein as cow’s milk?
  • How much water does it take to produce a glass of dairy milk?
  • Does it take more land to grow the oats or soybeans for milk or to feed a cow?



Practice Makes Perfect

Watch the video again and then match the words on the left with their equivalents on the right.



to burp


to fart

a good argument

to emerge

to belch



to dive into

to break wind


to appear

a good fit


a strong case

to deal with


Key: burp-belch; fart-break wind; emerge-appear; dizzying-bewildering; dive into-deal with; fallow-idle; 
good fit-perfect; strong case-good argument




  • Do you drink milk? Which type?
  • Do you prefer no-fat, low-fat, regular or full-fat milk?
  • (How) do you use coconut milk?
  • Can dairy milk be unhealthy?
  • Would you like to try elephant’s milk or tiger’s milk?
  • Do you believe breast milk is better for a baby than formula?


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