A collection of essays curated by the Well desk features mothers acknowledging their special talents.









  • to curate – to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation, e.g. as website content
  • to get in the groove – to be immersed in a particular task and thus working smoothly and efficiently; to become attuned to something
  • spidey sense – used to mean a vague but strong sense of something being wrong, dangerous, suspicious
  • demeanor – behavior toward others
  • to belt out – to sing loudly (informal)
  • to coax – to gently try to persuade somebody to do sth
  • goof – a silly or stupid person (AmE informal)
  • to lodge – to become stuck in a place or position
  • saving grace – a good quality or feature in a person or thing that prevents them from being completely bad or worthless



Answer the questions:

  1. What`s Tiffanie Graham hyper aware of?
  2. What does Tara Parker-Pope mean by overemphasizing the challenges of parenting?
  3. What does Christina Caron mean by “we (mothers) are chameleons”?
  4. What do moms get a bad rap for in heterosexual couples according to Farah Miller?
  5. Which of these superpowers do you appreciate the most? Do you have any (superpowers)?

Practice Makes Perfect

Replace the words in CAPITALS in the article with the words in bold below:

aced                      jot                          sweats                 chant

out of the ordinary                         spoil                    honour                 yummy

Mother’s Day is May 26th. WRITE it down somewhere. REPEAT it during your morning meditation. And start looking for the best Mother’s Day presents out there right now. Whether you’ve got just one mom to INDULGE or several generations of life-givers to PAY TRIBUTE TO, you’re not going to want to forget this one—especially following a year where moms have put us all on their backs, subbing in as teachers, nurses, and housekeepers during the quarantine. As for gifts, a card and well-chosen flowers will never go out of style. When it’s combined with DELICIOUS food and light manual labor, you’ve really MADE it. If you’re looking to surprise the moms in your life with something UNUSUAL, there are lost of ideas – from a fine TRACKSUIT to fine jewellery.


ANSWERS: jot; chant; spoil; honour; yummy; aced; out of the ordinary; sweats



  • Would you be able to describe your mother in one word?
  • In what ways do you take after your mother?
  • Would you say your mother is more like a mother or a best friend?
  • Mothers should stay at home and look after the kids! Do you agree?
  • What is the hardest thing about being a mother, in your opinion?
  • Do you get along with your mother-in-law? Why (not)?


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