Your skin is your body’s largest organ … but it might be the most misunderstood, says Dr. Jen Gunter. From sunscreen to cancer and even chocolate, she tackles five misleading myths about skin and shares what you can do to protect it. 









  • flawless – without any imperfections; perfect
  • blemish – a mark on something that spoils its appearance
  • gland – an organ of the body that produces chemicals that influence activities such as growth, and that has an important effect on health
  • to exfoliate – to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, to improve its appearance
  • bunk  – nonsense
  • to ward off – to prevent sth from affecting you
  • to permeate – to pass into or through every part of
  • duct – a tube that carries liquid through the body
  • to clog – to fill beyond capacity
  • aggravator – a thing which aggravates (to make worse)
  • mole – a pigmented spot, mark on the human body


Answer the questions:


What are the 5 skin myths that Dr. Jen Gunter debunks?

Are you surprised/shocked by some of the info?

What are the two types of ultraviolet rays? How do they affect the skin?

What happens to our skin when we get a tan?

How does busting the 5th myth (“Chocolate causes acne” ) make you feel? ;)



Practice Makes Perfect

Looking Good Trumps Health as Behavioral Motivator 

Go to: https://www.scientificamerican.com/podcast/episode/looking-good-trumps-health-as-behavioral-motivator, read the article and decide if the sentences below are

True or False?


1. 25 high-school juniors watched a video showing what the consequences of using too much sunscreen might be.

2. The other half saw a video that said your skin might be less firm if you don’t use sunscreen.

3. Over a month after watching the beauty video, students were spreading sunscreen on their skin more than twice a week.

4. Teenagers would more often opt for health than beauty.

 ANSWERS: 1F; 2T; 3T; 4F 



  • What do you do to look after your skin?
  • Have you ever had any skin problems?
  • Do you agree with the saying that beauty is skin deep?
  • Have you ever escaped something by the skin of your teeth?
  • Have you ever been soaked to the skin?
  • Does skin colour cause problems in your country?



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