I thought I had lots of fears—thunderstorms, forest fires, bears—but these were not the right kind of fears for driving.

                                   – Margaret Atwood










  • to ram – to force in by driving; to move with extreme rapidity; to crash
  • glee – a feeling of happiness and excitement, often caused by someone else’s misfortune
  • to whiz – to move very fast
  • jugular – (relating to the throat or neck) vein
  • to pinch – (infml) to steal sth


Turn the sentences into Reported Speech using the verbs in brackets


1. It was suggested that it (be) …… time I (learn) ……. to drive.

2. My father said he (teach) …….. me.

3. After three session, the nice boyfriend gave up and said he (can’t teach) ………. me.

4. I thought I (have) …….. lots of fears.

5. After the accident I said that I (learn) …… to drive.

6. As I was speeding downhill toward the house, my two teen-age stepsons yelled at me (use) ………. the emergency brake.


 ANSWERS: 1. was; learned; 2. would teach; 3. couldn’t teach; 4. had; 5. was learning/was going to learn/would learn; 6. to use

Practice Makes Perfect

Read the first 6 paragraphs of the article: Confident Multitaskers Are the Most Dangerous behind the Wheel (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/confident-multi-taskers-are-the-most-dangerous-behind-the-wheel/) and decide if the sentences below are True or False?


1. The problem of distracted driving might be related to the fact we are incapable of assessing our limitations.

2. Warning people about the dangers of using cell phones when driving hasn’t been very effective because the more one drives, the better one thinks they are at multitasking.

3. People who are really good at something would never underestimate their abilities in this field.

4. The supporters of the ban of cell phones when driving claim that changing a radio station when driving may be as distracting as using phones.

5. If you have a daredevil kind of personality, you are more likely to use your cell phone while driving.


 ANSWERS: 1T; 2F; 3F; 4. F; 5T



  • Do you think you are a good driver?
  • Do you like driving fast?
  • Do you always follow the rules of the road when you drive?
  • Is there anything governments could do to make driving safer?
  • Do you think men are better drivers than women?
  • Are the penalties for drink-drinking strict enough in your country?



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