Take vitamin C supplements when you feel a cold coming on? The problem is, you can’t actually “strengthen” your immune system, says Dr. Jen Gunter. Diving into the elegant network of cells, tissues and organs that protect us every day, she introduces two kinds of immunity that specialize in recognizing and fighting off bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins – and shares what you can do to keep your immune system healthy.








  • turmeric – the traditional yellow colored root belonging to the family of ginger; commonly used as herb and spice
  • elderberry a small tree that grows wild or in gardens, with large flat groups of white flowers and small dark fruit that can be used in cooking or making wine
  • to suppress forcibly put an end to
  • fungus (fungi plural) any member of the group of eukaryotic organisms that includes microorganisms such as yeasts and molds, as well as mushrooms
  • poison ivy a North American plant that causes your skin to itch and turn red if you touch its leaves


Answer the questions:


  • What’s the role of the immune system?
  • Why is the innate immune system compared to a bouncer?
  • How does the adaptive immune system work?
  • In what situations can your body attack its own cells?
  • Why can our immune system be compared to a garden?
  • When are vitamin supplements only needed?
  • Why are vaccines genius in Dr. Gunter’s opinion?



Practice Makes Perfect

Read the article How Short-Term Stress Boosts Immune Systems https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/short-term-stress-boosts-immune-systems) and decide if the sentences below are

True or False?

1. It’s been discovered that mice which have been left in peace show frail immune responses to vaccines. when compared with stressed-out mice.

2. It’s been found that knee surgery patients felt such apprehension before their operations that the number of immune cells circulating in their blood decreased.

3. Chronic stress can worsen allergies or autoimmune disorders.

4. Whether stress excites or represses the immune system is determined by certain factors.

5. Temporary stress is likely to activate only some parts of the immune system.

6. Harmful tissues can be attacked during chronic stress.

7. These patients whose number of immune cells peaked in the days before the operation were slower to recover from surgery.


Key: 1T; 2F; 3T; 4T; 5T; 6F; 7F




  • What’s the difference between immunization and vaccination?
  • Why are immunizations important?
  • Do you have a good immune system?
  • Do you think it’ll be possible to get immunized against all diseases one day?
  • Are immunizations 100% safe in your opinion?



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