Glasses were originally created to overcome physical obstacles, but design evangelist Debbie Millman shares how they turned into a fashion statement.








  • hide – the strong, thick skin of an animal, used for making leather
  • lense  – a clear curved piece of glass or plastic that is used in eyeglasses, etc., to make things look clearer, smaller, or bigger
  • rivet – a metal pin used to fasten flat pieces of metal or other thick materials such as leather
  • hinged – to attach or fit a hinge (= a device for holding together two parts such that one can swing relative to the other) to sth
  • temples – the flat parts on each side of the front part of your head, near your forehead.
  • rim – the outer edge of something, esp. of something curved or circular
  • to don – to wear
  • nerd – a person preoccupied with or devoted to a particular activity or field of interest; an unstylish or socially awkward person
  • nerdiness – the quality of being nerdy
  • misfit – a person who is not suited or is unable to adjust to the circumstances of his or her particular situation; someone who is not accepted by other people because their behaviour is strange or unusual


Watch the video again and fill in the gaps:


I think that at the time, Catwoman had a really cool pair of glasses the Batman series that was on television. And I wanted to be cool like her. It didn’t 1. ……….. to me that glasses were really a medical device.

When light 2. ………. reflect off an object and enter the eye through the cornea, your retina converts this light into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain, which interprets the impulses and allows you to understand what you’re seeing. (…)

The earliest forms of eye 3. ……… can be traced back 4,000 years. Cultures that needed to adapt to climates that were snowy created eye 4. ………. , and they were made of 5. ………. and animal hides. They had small 6. ……… for people to see through, but no lenses. The first visions 7. …….. was called a reading stone (…). It’s not exactly clear who invented the first eyeglasses, but many people 8. ……… it to the Italians. Early versions of eyeglasses were called rivet spectacles. They were two 9. …………. glasses that were hinged together at the 10. ………… of the nose. (…)

Key: : 1. occur; 2. rays; 3. gear; 4. shields; 5. bone; 6. slits; 7. aid; 8. attribute; 9. magnifying; 10. bridge


Practice Makes Perfect

Fill in the gaps in the article with Passive Voice (4 different structures/tenses) of the verbs in brackets:

Apple Could Be Launching Smart Glasses Soon. Here’s How It’ll Impact Your Company and How to Prepare

Smart glasses and AR have countless applications for businesses.

Ever since the failure of Google Glass, Apple and dozens of other companies 1. ………. (rumour) to be working on augmented reality glasses or smart glasses or both. Intellectual property owned by a startup Apple bought a year ago 2. ………… (report) to include more than 200 patents which collectively lead to a “thin, transparent smart glass lenses that display vibrant, full-color, wide field-of-view images.” But new evidence  has been piling up recently, that Apple may launch its platform (hardware, software, an app store, etc.) in 2020. 

Why will smart glasses matter?

Lots of people wear glasses, just like a lot of people wear watches. In both cases there is price elasticity. You can get glasses or a watch for $10, $100, or $1000, and customers already exist.  

Plus, augmented reality (AR) is only the beginning for smart glasses. Imagine built-in GPS and health sensors. Now go further, and imagine facial recognition and location-based advertising. (…)

How Smart Glasses Could Impact Your Business

If you are an app maker, this could be your next screen. Apple’s App Store has proven a game-changer, as it allows access to hundreds of millions of users on launch day. The same 3. ……… (can + say) (albeit at a smaller scale) about the Apple Watch. So you need to consider how your app, be it a game, a nutrition coach, or a video streaming service, 4. ………… (impact) by this new platform. (…)

In order to check your answers, go to: https://www.inc.com/sean-wise/apple-could-be-launching-smart-glasses-soon-heres-how-itll-impact-your-company-how-to-prepare.html

Key: have been rumoured; 2. was reported; 3. can be said; 4. will be impacted


  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
  • How many pairs of glasses do you own?
  • Is the shape of glasses important to you?
  • Would you agree that the shape of glasses defines one’s personality?
  • Have you ever worn coloured contact lenses?
  • Would you like to have AR glasses or smartglasses?



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