How important is a mother’s influence on a child’s success? Unsurprisingly, science says very.










  • resilient – able to recover easily and quickly from unpleasant or damaging events
  • longitudinal – running lengthwise rather than cross; measured from east to west
  • startling – surprising and sometimes worrying



Now decide if the sentences below are 

True or False?


1. Researchers discovered that children whose mothers were caring and protective had greater cognitive capacity/ability.

2. Being assertive can make your performance more outstanding.

3. According to scientists, unless your interactions with your mother were positive, you’re more satisfied in your marriage.

4. If you are treated with kindness by your mother, you show concern for birds.

5. Children are amazingly inaccurate when it comes to distinguishing their mother’s voice.

6. Researchers discovered that sharing a bad experience with one’s mother makes one feel better not only about the event but also about him/herself.


Key: 1T; 2T; 3F; 4F; 5F; 6T


Practice Makes Perfect

Use the words in bold below to fill in the gaps in the extract of the article The Calm Instead Of The Storm: Innovative Strategies For Strong-Willed Children :


embarrassed        threaten            scratches           snatch       bickering

grumbles              picky        stare      crowded            howl         grabbing


Picture this: you’re in a 1. ……., noisy airport, waiting for your flight to go to visit family. Your kids are 2. …….. over a toy, the bickering turns into shouting, passengers in the terminal turn to 3. ….., and your daughter 4. …….. your son while 5. ……. the toy. He erupts into a 6. ……. . You’re stressed about the trip (are you going to get another lecture about your kids’ 7. ….. eating?), 8. ……. by all the disapproving stares (seriously, people? Your kids never fight?) and regretting the trip in the first place (your pressure cooker job is more relaxing than this “vacation”).
You 9. …… the toy away, look fiercely into your older child’s eyes, and say “you apologize to your little brother right now, young lady.” She refuses, you 10 …… to take away screens, until finally she 11. ……. out an oh-so-sincere “sorry I took your stupid toy, stupid brother.” (…)

In order to read the whole article, go to: https://www.forbes.com/sites/heatherwishartsmith/2022/05/23/the-calm-instead-of-the-storm-innovative-strategies-for-strong-willed-children/?sh=3cf424efd299


Key: 1. crowded; 2. bickering; 3. stare; 4. scratches; 5. grabbing; 6. howl; 7. picky; 8. embarrassed; 9. snatch; 10. threaten; 11. grumbles





  • Are you good with/ Do you like children?
  • “Children should be seen and not heard!” Do you agree?
  • What’s the most irritating thing about kids?
  • Are children spoilt nowadays, in your opinion?
  • Do you think children are becoming more dangerous and violent?
  • Are children hard work?


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