Do you have an unforgettable answer to that question? We introduce ourselves all the time, and if we’re honest, we usually blow it. Answering this question poorly is the most frequent mistake we make, and the easiest to fix.








  • to ramble – to talk or write in an aimless, erratic, and often long-winded way
  • consistency – the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way

Answer the questions:

  1. Why did the speaker embarrass himself at the conference in San Diego?
  2. What has he been obsessed with since that event?
  3. Why do we crash our introductions so often according to Clay Hebert?
  4. Why does he want to “kill the elevator pitch”?
  5. What myths do we believe in?
  6. What’s his simple base formula? How can you customize it?
  7. Why should you avoid buzzwords?
  8. What’s the formula: ”I’m like X for Y” about?
  9. What’s the perfect intro about?

Practice makes perfect

Match the sentence halves:

1. Hi, I’m Ashley and I’m a software engineer. My current …
a) …worked on the Alpha Financial account, where last year’s campaign won us a Webby award.
2. Nice to meet you all. My … b) … joining this team, I worked with big data to identify insights for our clients in the health care industry.
3. My background is in computer science. Before …

c) … solve our clients’ biggest challenges!
4. I’ve been at the firm for eight years. Most recently, I … d) a significant opportunity for all of us. 
5. I’m honored to be here. This project is… e) …focus is optimizing customer experience.
6. Im excited to work with you all to … f) … name is Michael and I’m the creative director. I work in the Brooklyn office.

Now go to: https://hbr.org/2022/08/a-simple-way-to-introduce-yourself and check your answers.

ANSWERS: 1e); 2f); 3b); 4a) 5d); 6c)

Use the words in bold to fill in the gaps in the sentences below:

ramble                            blow                  consistency

1. It’s essential to show some ……. in your work.

2. No one paid any attention to him, but he ….. on.

3. Don’t ….. it ‘cause I won’t give you another chance.

Key: 1. consistency; 2. rambled; 3. blow


  • Do you find it easy to introduce yourself?
  • Do you have any special formula?
  • Have you ever dropped a brick when introducing yourself?
  • Do you like attending conferences and networking?



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