Data from the professional network shows workers are increasingly willing to walk away after only months or even weeks at a new job.







Match the phrases 1-6 to their definitions a) – f)

1. call it quits
a) anything but
2. flex one’s muscles b) to stop trying to do something because you realize that you cannot succeed
3. reap what you sow 
c) to lose an employee
4. far from d) to show off one’s strength or power
5. throw in the towel e) if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you, and if you do good things, good things will happen to you
6. to find oneself down a team member f)  to stop doing something

ANSWERS: 1f); 2d); 3e); 4a) 5b); 6c)


  • outright – immediately
  • tenure – the period of time when someone holds a job
  • grossly – very, or extremely
  • not care one iota – not care about sth even one little bit

Practice makes perfect

Read the article:


and decide if the sentences below are

True or False:

1. The phrase ”quiet quitting” is ambiguous.

2. The ones following the trend opt for balancing the amount of time you spend doing your job with the amount of time you spend with your loved ones, doing things you enjoy.

3. One would never leave their company if it offered a broad array of snacks or on-site fitness centers.

4. Majority of employees would be on the lookout for a new job if they felt their welfare was close to their employer’s heart.

5. Investing in the development of company managers can reduce high costs of staff turnover.

6. One ought to express their need for a pay rise in spite of the fact it might not be satisfied.

Key: 1T; 2T; 3F; 4F; 5T; 7T


  • What do you make of quiet and quick quitting?
  • Have you ever quitted a job after a few months? What would have made you stay there?
  • Have you ever recruited anyone? Was it easy/difficult?
  • Have you ever had to lay sb off?
  • What kind of amenities would your current employer have to provide to make you stay in the company for a long time?



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