Drinking calcium-rich milk strengthens your bones — but it’s not the only thing you can do for a strong and healthy skeleton. Dr. Jen Gunter digs deep into the three layers of bone to explain why they weaken as we age and shares what you can do to maintain a healthy frame for years to come.





and decide if the sentences below are

True or False?

1. The information that milk solely makes your bones stronger is anything but precise.

2. The mere function of bones is to protect our organs.

3. Bones serve as storage of important minerals.

4. Unless intake of calcium is high, calcium isn’t drawn from the bone.

5. If one is vegan, they don’t provide their body with enough vitamin D.

6. Exerting pressure on one’s bones when exercising doesn’t stimulate deposits of calcium.


ANSWERS: 1T; 2F; 3T; 4T;5F; 6F



  • bone marrow – the soft, spongy tissue that has many blood vessels and is found in the center of most bones
  • to outpace – to develop faster than something else
  • omnivore – one that is omnivorous (feeding on both animal and vegetable substances)
  • kale – a type of cabbage with green or purple tightly curled leaves
  • cruciferous – a member of the family of vegetables that includes broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, etc
  • fortified – improved or enhanced through the addition of one or more ingredients



Practice makes perfect

Fill in the gaps in the extracts of the article: Is the Next Dairy-Free Beverage Trend…Camel Milk? with the words in bold below:

in tune                             mind-blowing                 exorbitant                       ingredients

catering                            intolerant                        conscious                        additives

Let me start by saying that I am lactose 1. ………. . And as long as I’m admitting that, I might as well also admit that I have Celiac Disease–an allergy to wheat. Combine those two food allergies and, well, let’s just say when I go out to eat with friends, they jokingly tell the waiter, “And he’ll have a cup of water and a warm bowl of air.”

Finding things to eat, and even drink, is a challenge (to say the least).

As a result, I have learned an 2. ……….. amount about food over the years. In fact, one of the most surprising things I have come to realize, especially about American culture, is how little people actually know about the things they put into their body. I have gone to the grocery store with friends, picked items up off the shelf and started reading the 3. ……….. , and have them say, “Oh, I never read what’s in it. I just buy the brand.”

Meanwhile, what they usually buy is full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and weird 4. …………… I can’t pronounce.

Dairy, especially, is something I have long struggled with. My go-to has been almond milk for a long time, but my frequent trips to Whole Foods keep me 5. ………… with “what’s next” on the market. And the other day, while I was exploring California (…), I saw a new option in the store: Camel Milk.

(…)One of the things I have come to appreciate (and this is especially true for gluten free food products as well) is the personal story that tends to accompany the founders of health 6. ………….. brands. (…) What’s more interesting is how health consciousness has begun to dictate forward-thinking food concepts that, quite literally go the opposite direction of “easiest to scale.” Here’s a 7. ……….. stat I found on the Desert Farms website: In the United States, there is one camel for every 18,000 cows. (…)

I remember back in 2008 when I found out I was allergic to both gluten and dairy, there were hardly any brands out there 8. ……….. to “that” kind of consumer. And then, slowly but surely, the coconut milks and the almond milks and the hemp milks of the world started to emerge, because they saw a need in the market. (…)

Now read the article and check your answers:


ANSWERS: 1. intolerant; 2. exorbitant; 3. picked; 4. additives; 5. in tune; 6. conscious; 7. mind-blowing; 8. catering

Use the words in bold in’Glossary’ and ‘Practice makes perfect’ to fill in the gaps in the sentences below (sometimes you need to change word forms):


1. His new book is absolutely ……………….. !

2. My tooth doesn’t exactly hurt, but I’m …………. of it all the time.

3. Both companies were expected to ……….. the rest of the pharmaceutical industry.

4. The price was ……………… but I had no choice.

5. All ………….. foods contain vitamins and minerals that are manually added rather than naturally occurring.

6. We try to ……….. to his needs, but at the same time he has to meet us half way.

ANSWERS: 1. mind-blowing; 2. conscious; 3. outpace; 4. exorbitant; 5. Fortified; 6. cater


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