This may just be the sweetest thing you hear about all season.






and decide if the sentences below are 

True or False?


1. Glee and bliss are not the terms usually associated with the US. Postal Service.

2. Operation Santa is about adapting a child’s list of desired things.

3. Participating in the program is a wholesome experience which might make you cry.

4. It’s uncommon for US Post Office employees to write back to children on behalf of Santa Claus.

5. All letters are sent to North Pole.


ANSWERS: 1.T; 2F; 3T;4F; 5F





  • behemoth– something enormous, especially a large and powerful organization
  • moniker – name, nickname



Practice makes perfect



and answer the questions:

  1. How did Nicholas of Myra help a poor man’s three daughters?
  2. What’s the role of Zwarte Piet and what’s been controversial about him?
  3. Where are the eyes of a Buddhist monk named Hoteiosho?
  4. What does La Befana leave for bad children?
  5. What animals does the gnome in Sweden travel with?
  6. How is Snow Girl related to Grandfather Frost?




  • What do you think of USPS Operation Santa? Would you like to participate in such a program?
  • What kind of help, do you reckon, children might ask for in their letters?
  • Do you remember the time when you stopped believing in Santa?;)
  • What does your gift exchange look like? Do you buy gifts for everyone or just children?  
  • What do you want for Christmas?


“O.K., now no one bother me. This is the one night a year I get the house to myself.”