There’s a lot of advice out there about New Year’s resolutions. But how much of it actually works? Is it even a good idea to set resolutions at the beginning of the year?





Watch the video and answer the questions below:



1. Why setting monthly resolutions works better than setting a goal for the whole year?

2. Why should our goals be ” frickin’ fun”?

3. Why should one slash his/her big, lofty, intimidating goals into micro habits?

4. Why is it easier to make up excuses when our resolution is too big or vague? How can we break it down into a micro habit?

5. What’s the purpose of evaluating our goal list?

6. Why setting goals can wreak havoc?




  • to sift through – to examine information, documents etc in order to find what you are looking for
  • lofty – lofty ideas are of a high moral standard
  • intimidating – making you feel frightened or nervous
  • to align with- to identify with or match the behaviour, thoughts, etc of another person
  • wreak havoc – to cause considerable confusion, disorder, or damage


Practice makes perfect

Fill in the gaps in the article extract with the words in bold below:

strides                 pursue           nagging          shrinking            putting off

layoffs               deter            obstacles            gratification          overcome


What You Need To Do To Succeed In A Tough New Year

After years of 1. …….. things …… , make a New Year’s resolution to 2. ……. your dreams. Instead of censoring yourself, listen to the inner voice 3. ……… you to do something special. Don’t lead a life of quiet desperation by working in a job or career you hate.

Delay current 4. ……….. and focus on the future. If you put in the time and energy now, your future self will thank you. Decide what you want to do and set a system of daily actions to achieve your long-term goals. Allocate time every day to make 5. ……… toward getting the job or promotion you want.

There will always be 6. ……… in your path. You will need to stay mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. It will require you to be bold, brave and willing to 7. ……….. obstacles to succeed. Failure is part of the process. Don’t let it 8. ……… you from your objectives. The best and brightest have failed more times than they’ve succeeded.

Barring a miracle, 2023 is going to start out being tough. Picking up from 2022, Americans will still be contending with record-high inflation and rising interest rates that make it harder to purchase a home or automobile. In a predicted recession or 9.  ……….. economy, 10. ………… and hiring freezes will continue.

In order to check your answers/read the whole article, go to: 


Key: 1. putting (things) off; 2. pursue; 3. nagging; 4. gratification; 5. strides; 6. obstacles; 7. overcome; 8. deter; 9. shrinking; 10. layoffs


Use some of the words in bold above to complete the sentences below:


1. My girlfriend …….. ed me to cut my hair.

2. The virus ……. ed …….. on my computer.

3. He realises his size has an ……….. effect on people.

4. New security measures have been introduced to ……. thieves.

5. She …… …..  writing the essay until the last minute.

6. Don’t waste your life. Go and ……… your dreams.

7. In recent years, the country has made great political and economic ………s.


Key: 1. nagged; 2. wreaked havoc; 3. intimidating; 4. deter; 5. put off; 6. pursue; 7. strides



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