Want to empower women? Women’s Equality Party founder Sophie Walker has a few suggestions for you





Read the article:



Now decide if the sentences below are

True or False?


1. Sophie Walker compares company celebration of International Women’s Day to a train wreck.

2. Sophie Walker wanted to be elected to represent London for a fixed period of time.

3. In Walker’s opinion, female speakers ought to be paid more than male ones.

4. If what you do seems boring, but you’re expected to put a smile on your face and pretend it’s fun, it’s called emotional labor.

5. Such tasks as remembering about an ill co-worker or making sure confilicts among employees don’t become even more serious are often well remunerated.

6. Organizing an IWD celebration is always a commendable thing.

7. A man would not apply for a job unless he was fully qualified.

8. The pink tax is an economic burden for women.

9. The lyrics of Keb’ Mo’s hit song “Put a Woman in Charge” resonate with the author’s beliefs.

10. The number of uncompromising, frightening women is comparable to that of men.

11. According to the author, accepting the fact women are enraged now is a risky thing.


Key: 1. T; 2T; 3F; 4T; 5F; 6F;7F; 8T; 9F; 10T; 11F



  • calamity – a disastrous event marked by great loss and lasting distress and suffering
  • ailing – ill and are not getting better
  • to boil over – if a difficult situation or negative emotion boils over, it cannot be controlled any more and people start to argue or fight
  • pegged – expected to do or be something, based on an assumption or stereotype or past behavior (followed by for or an infinitive)
  • do something at your peril – to do something that might be very dangerous for you


Practice makes perfect


Change the word in CAPITALS to fill in the blanks.


After months of strategic planning and 1. ………. [CONTROVERSIAL], thousands of women gathered in Washington D.C. Here they called for a constitutional 2. …….. [AMEND] granting them the right to vote. By 1913, women’s rights 3. ……… [ACTIVE] had been campaigning for decades. (…) they were struggling to secure broader support for political 4. …… [EQUAL]. (…) A new, media-savvy spirit arrived in the form of Alice Paul. She was inspired by the British suffragettes, who went on 5. …………. [HUNGRY] strikes and endured 6. ……….. [PRISON] in the early 1900s. Paul proposed a 7. ……… [MASS] pageant to whip up suport and rejunevate the movement. (…) in planning the parade Paul mainly focused on appealing to white women from all backgrounds, including those who were racist. She actively discouraged African American activists and organizations from participating – and stated that those who did so should march in the back. But black women would not be made invisible in a national movement they helped shape. (…) black women persevered despite deep 8. …………. [HOSTILE] from white women in the movement, and at great political and physical risk. On the day of the parade, suffragists assembled to create a powerful 9. ……….. [EXHIBIT]. (…) On the steps of the Treasury Building, performers acted out the 10. ……….. [HISTORY] achievements of women to a live orchestra. The 11. …………. [MARCH] carried on even as a mob blocked the route, hurling insults and spitting at women, tossing cigars, and 12. ………. [PHYSICS] assulting participants. The police did not intervene and in the end over 100 women were 13. ………… [HOSPITAL]. Their 14. ……………. [MISTREAT], widely reported throughout the country, catapulted the parade into the public eye and garnered suffragists greater 15. ………… [SYMPATHISE].


In order to watch the whole video/check your answers, go to:


Key: 1. controversy; 2. amendment; 3. activists; 4. equality; 5. hunger; 6. imprisonment; 7. massive; 8. hositility; 9. exhibition; 10. historical; 11. marchers; 12. physically; 13. hospitalized; 14. mistreatment; 15. sympathy





  • What are women best at?
  • What is the most annoying thing about women?
  • Would the world be different if all leaders were women?
  • Joseph Conrad said: “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” What do you make of it?
  • Would you say women are equal to men?
  • Who’s the greatest woman you know?
  • Are women from your culture luckier than women from other cultures?


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