Dismantling Stigmas In The Workplace








Now match the halves of collocations:


1. to dismantle

2. to heighten

3. to gain

4. to set

5. unsettling

6. to squash

7. to bring sth

8. to allocate

9. to lock in


a)    out of the shadows

b)    anxiety

c)    stat

d)    stigmas

e)    funds

f)     a promotion

g)    the tone

h)    weight

i)     penalty


Key: 1.d; 2b; 3h; 4g; 5c; 6i; 7a; 8e; 9f




  • to dismantle – to destroy (something) in an orderly way : to gradually cause (something) to come to an end
  • to squash – if you squash something that is causing you trouble, you put a stop to it, often by force
  • robust – strong and healthy; hardy; vigorous
  • to shoulder – to accept responsibility for something


Practice makes perfect




and answer the questions below:


  1. What happens to the immune system during pregnancy?
  2. How does the body protect the fetus from attack by other immune cells?
  3. What is the role of progesterone and relaxin in pregnancy?
  4. What causes morning sickness?
  5. How does the diaphragm change during pregnancy?
  6. How does pregnancy affect blood pressure?
  7. What are some potential complications related to the heart during pregnancy?
  8. What happens to the body shortly before delivery?
  9. How does pregnancy affect the brain?



  • What images come to mind when you hear the word ‘pregnancy’?
  • Do you think advances in science will mean men can become pregnant in the future?
  • Should a woman change her lifestyle during her pregnancy?
  • Is there any kind of pregnancy celebration in your culture?
  • What should children be taught about conception and pregnancy?
  • Is unwanted pregnancy a problem in your country?
  • Is  pregnancy scary compared with other events in life?
  • Does a woman’s diet change during pregnancy?




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