With a simple yet unusual move, Adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden shows how to earn respect and build trust with your people.



Read and decide if the sentences below are true or false?



1. Adidas was facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.

2. Bjørn Gulden used to be Adidas’s employer.

3. Puma experienced an insignificant increase in sales under Gulden’s leadership.

4. Gulden’s management approach is hierarchical and centralized.

5. Gulden spurs his employees to share their opinions with him.

6. Gulden’s approach to management facilitates the decision-making proces.


Key: 1. T; 2F; 3.F; 4. F; 5T; 6.T




  • to reel – to move from side to side as if you are going to fall while walking or standing
  • headwind – a wind blowing in the opposite direction to the one you are moving in
  • tenure – the period of time during which someone holds an important job
  • to leverage – (here) to utilize
  • with guns blazing – putting all your effort and energy into trying to achieve something
  • agility – the power of moving quickly and easily; the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity (= sharpness)
  • to bog down – to impede or be impeded physically or mentally


Practice makes perfect

Watch the video and pick the right summary (below).



1. In the video, the speaker discusses the importance of listening and how we often struggle with it. He explains that listening is a mental process of extracting meaning from sound and uses techniques like pattern recognition and differencing. The speaker also highlights the role of filters in shaping our reality and how sound places us in space and time. He concludes by expressing concern about the decline of listening in today’s world and provides five exercises to improve conscious listening.


2. In the video, it is mentioned that listening is not a significant aspect of communication. The speaker claims that we retain only 25 percent of what we hear, implying that listening is not effective. He describes techniques like pattern recognition and differencing but suggests that they are not useful for making meaning from sound. The speaker also questions the importance of filters and argues that sound does not place us in space and time. He concludes by emphasizing that listening is not essential for understanding.


3. In the video, the focus is on the impact of technology on listening skills. It explores how the invention of recording devices and the prevalence of noise in our environment have affected our ability to listen. The video also discusses the rise of personal broadcasting and the decline of conversation. However, it concludes with a call to action, providing five practical exercises to help individuals improve their conscious listening and reconnect with the art of understanding through listening.


Key: 1




  • How do you feel about the Adidas’s New CEO’s move?
  • Do you consider yourself a good listener?
  • Would you agree that the older we get, the less attentive we are?
  • Do you agree that silence is golden?


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