How the tech company is upholding its hustle culture while creating a happy workplace.




Read and answer the questions below:




1. What makes a corporate job at Apple appealing to employees?

2. How does Apple reward hard-working employees?

3. Why is freedom considered the best perk for employees at Apple?

4. How has Apple’s approach to work-life balance changed over time?

5. How does Apple’s strategy incentivize productivity and build a positive hustle culture?

6. According to the text, what are some key components involved in creating a high-capacity work environment without burnout?

7. Why is it important for employers to get to know their employees on a personal level?




  • to uphold – to maintain, suport
  • coveted – earnestly wished for or sought after
  • to run for the hills – to be extremely unwilling to be involved in something, and to avoid it
  • lavish – large, impressive, or expensive
  • cushy – pleasant because it does not involve much work or effort
  • to tout – to persistently solicit support for; to advertise boastfully; publicize or promote; praise extravagantly
  • rein – controlling or guiding power (usually used in plural)
  • unfettered – not limited by rules or any other controlling influence
  • to shudder – to shake for a short time because you are afraid or cold, or because you think something is very unpleasant
  • to relinquish – to give up something such as a responsibility or claim



Practice makes perfect

Match the collocations:

1. to beat

a) benefits packages

2. coveted

b) managers

3. lavish

c) a positive and productive work environment

4. fat

d) control  

5. fast-paced and demanding

e)  burnout

6. control-craving

f) the idea of letting sb down

7. to loosen

g) offices

8. to land

h) the reins on staff

9. to foster

i) hustle culture

10. to shudder at

j) employers

11. to relinquish

k) a role


Key: 1e; 2j; 3g; 4a; 5i; 6b; 7h; 8k; 9c; 10f; 11d;


Fill in the sentence gaps with the words in bold below.


(to) shudder                    lavish                  unfettered              to land

cushy                                 coveted                           cushy


1. The Nobel prize is the most ……….. of international awards.

2. Despite his wealth, he was not known for a ………. lifestyle.

3. The company has not done well since he took the ………. .

4. I wish I had a nice ………. job like my brother.

5. He …………..ed at the thought of what was to come.

6. He is under 35 and ………… by children or a spouse.

7. She’s …………ed a senior editorial job.


Key: 1. coveted; 2. lavish; 3. reins; 4. cushy; 5. shuddered; 6. Unfettered; 7. landed


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