Fill in the gaps in the video excerpt with the words in bold below.

Make sure the grammatical form of the verbs is correct.


short-lived     loom               for the long haul       stick                drive

submit            end                 pursue                        means


You’ve always aspired to be a professional artist. At last, this dream may become a reality, and you’re creating a portfolio to 1. …….. to art programs. But as the application deadline 2………., you suddenly find yourself unmotivated, and avoiding the canvas altogether. Why does motivation seem so fickle? And what even is it in the first place? Psychologists define motivation as the desire or impetus  to initiate and maintain a particular behavior. In other words, it’s the energy that 3. ……… you to do something. And knowing the source of that 4. ………. is particularly important when it comes to understanding how to maintain it. These motivational forces generally fall into two broad categories: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is involved when you experience an activity as an 5. ……. in itself. (…) Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, refers to 6. ……… a task as a 7. ……… to an end. (…)While extrinsic rewards, like getting paid, may seem appealing, their effectiveness can be surprisingly 8. ………… . Years of psychology research have shown that high levels of intrinsic motivation – for school, a job, or an exercise class – are more likely to keep you engaged in the long run. (…) Motivation is complicated. And sometimes, no matter how passionate you are about a goal or hobby, finding the motivation to actually do it can be difficult. But there are things you can do to increase your drive, even when it feels impossible. Focus on building intrinsic motivation by making the task more fun in the moment. Asking a friend to join you or simply putting on your favorite playlist can give you the boost to get started – and 9. ….. with your goals 10. …………. .

Now watch the video and check your answers:

Key: 1. submit; 2. looms; 3. drives; 4. drive; 5. end; 6. pursuing; 7. means; 8. short-lived; 9. stick; 10. for the long haul




  • fickle – likely to change your opinion or your feelings suddenly and without a good reason
  • to muddy the waters – make an issue or situation more confused or complicated


Practice makes perfect

Read the article and then match the phrases 1-8 to a)-h)


1.persevere through

a) biases 

2. acquire

b) hurdles

3. dreams/enthusiasm

c) setbacks

4. toil (on specialized software)

d) tough times

5. accept

e) problems/difficulties

6. experience; trip/fall on

f) tirelessly

7. address/decrease    

g) wane

8. encounter

h) a trick/knowledge

Key: 1d; 2h; 3g; 4f; 5c; 6b; 7a; 8e


Fill in the gasp with the words in bold below.

Make sure the grammatical form of the verbs is correct.


muddy the waters         wane                  loom                 

for the long haul                          fickle                   hurdle


1. Getting a work permit was the first ………….. to overcome.

2. It’s a matter of public taste, which is ………. and changes every six months.

3. They keep on …………… by raising other political issues.

4. Dark storm clouds ………… on the horizon.

5. We’re in it ……………… . Five years is the minimum.

6. Interest in these events seems to have ………… since then.

Key: hurdle; 2. fickle; 3. muddying the waters; 4. Loomed; 5. for the long haul; 6. waned


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