Chasing fun sounds like a silly extra, but serious research shows fun helps you be smarter, more resilient, and more successful.



Read the article and answer the questions below:



1. What advice did the author receive from their camp counselor, Catherine?

2. How does the author apply Catherine’s advice in their life today?

3. According to the Association for Psychological Science, how is play at work beneficial for individuals and teams?

4. How does humor contribute to our social skills, according to psychology?

5. What did Albert Einstein believe about the relationship between fun and learning?

6. Why do scientists think animals, including humans, engage in play?

7. What did a study find about exploring new places and things?

8. What does Catherine Price offer on her website that can help people have more fun?





  • slather – to apply or spread a lot of something
  • to nail down – to identify something precisely
  • to weather – to survive (a difficult time or a difficult situation) and be able to continue normally after it has passed or ended


Practice makes perfect

Watch the first 5 minutes of the video and complete the sentences below:


1. Feeling alive is __________.

2. We keep busy but not necessarily __________.

3. We feel a bit __________.

4. We need to have __________.

5. Fun is not just __________, it’s the secret to feeling alive.

6. Fun is a __________.

7. Fun is characterized by __________.


Key: 1.harder than it seems; 2. living; 3. dead inside; 4. more fun; 5. lighthearted pleasure; 6. feeling, not an activity; 7. playfulness, connection, and flow



  •  How would you describe your personality?
  • Do you like taking personality tests? Are they accurate?
  • Is your true personality always on show or do you sometimes hide some parts of it?
  • Is there any change you would like to make to your personality?
  • What are the personality differences between you and other family members?
  • What personality types are you attracted to?


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