Entrepreneurs are constantly peddled antiaging advice. Much of it is time- and money-wasting nonsense


Read the article and choose the correct answer A)-D) to the questions below:


1. What does the text suggest about the demand for advice among entrepreneurs?

A. Entrepreneurs are not interested in seeking advice.

B. Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking advice to stay strong.

C. Entrepreneurs believe they already know everything they need.

D. Entrepreneurs avoid taking any advice from others.

2. According to the text, what is the writer’s opinion on the anti-aging “truths” found on the internet?

A. The writer believes they are all scientifically proven.

B. The writer thinks they are all completely accurate.

C. The writer suggests that most of them are misleading.

D. The writer says they are all worth following.

3. Why does the text mention the idea of smiling and wrinkles?

A. To emphasize the importance of frowning for healthy aging.

B. To explain the relationship between facial expressions and aging.

C. To suggest that smiling can lead to more wrinkles.

D. To promote the idea of avoiding all facial expressions to prevent wrinkles.

4. What does the text suggest about the relationship between age and exercise?

A. Older people should exercise less as they age.

B. It is normal to be less physically active as you grow older.

C. The use-it-or-lose-it concept does apply to older individuals.

D. Older folks become frailer if they exercise more intensely.

5. Why does the text mention the importance of hydration for skin health?

A. To highlight the importance of limiting hot or chlorinated water exposure.

B. To emphasize the importance of avoiding water.

C. To promote the idea of drinking excessive amounts of water.

D. To suggest that drinking water has no effect on skin hydration.

6. What is the main takeaway from the text regarding internet anti-aging advice?

A. Most internet advice is backed by scientific research.

B. Anti-aging pills and potions are a worthwhile investment.

C. Following internet advice is the best way to prevent aging.

D. The basics of healthy aging are already understood by most people.

Key: 1B; 2C; 3B; 4C; 5A; 6D



  • to peddle – to try very hard to get people to accept (an idea); to go from place to place trying to sell sth
  • stamina – great physical or mental strength that allows you to continue doing something for a long time
  • to sprout – to appear suddenly and in large numbers 
  • to teem with – to be full of
  • to tout – to try to persuade people that someone or something is important or valuable by praising them/it
  • feat – an impressive and difficult achievement
  • to stave off – to prevent sth from happening
  • to dial down – to make something less forceful or extreme
  • pernicious – highly destructive
  • to plump – to become plump (=well filled out or rounded in form)
  • supple – soft, able to bend or twist easily
  • a rabbit hole – an extremely engrossing and time-consuming topic
  • ravage – destruction

Practice makes perfect

Watch the video and choose the right summary (below).

1. In the video, Jeanne Calment, a French woman, holds the record for being the oldest person in history at 122 years and 164 days. Her remarkable age led to a millionaire offering a reward for breaking her record. The video discusses the challenges of extreme aging and the scientific definition of the aging process. It explores the various physiological traits that contribute to aging, such as genetic changes and cellular deterioration.

2. In the video, Jeanne Calment’s age is considered achievable for most individuals, given the right circumstances. The millionaire’s reward for breaking her record suggests that living beyond 122 years is a realistic goal. The video implies that aging can be fully understood through scientific research and interventions. It concludes optimistically, hinting at future technologies like gene therapy and nanobots that could potentially extend human lifespan significantly.

3. In the video, it suggests that living beyond 90 years is a realistic possibility for many individuals. It highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to counteract the effects of aging. The video subtly implies that genetic alterations and cellular regeneration have minimal impact on the aging process. It ends by questioning whether future advancements in medicine and technology could artificially extend human lifespan.

Key: 1. 

Fill in the gasp with the words in bold below.

Use the correct form of the verbs.

stave off             teem                   sprout              

   feat                     stamina               ravage

1. In the summer, the street …………. with children itchy for something to do.

2. Andy certainly seems to have the …………. for two jobs.

3. Her face withstood the ………..s of time.

4. All those seeds have …………. into something quite significant.

5. Music might have the power to ………… dementia. According to researchers, people who played instruments or sang could have stronger memory and cognitive function.

6. The ………… took them more than 400 hours of practice.

Key: 1.teems; 2. stamina; 3. ravages; 4. sprouted; 5. stave off; 6. feat

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