Even though working for a startup is cool by definition, the ultimate choice of  a workplace is influenced by several factors. And it’s not just money, money and money again. Not at all.

For example, you can create a company culture which will gain you a reputation as an employer that people would simply love to work for. They did it at Google. Now…  it’s your turn!




Modern technology has created a world full of paradoxes.  For instance, we can be present in a number of places at the same time and have hundreds of friends thanks to sitting in front of the computer – hardly a social activity itself…

And yet we should not disregard the importance of being physically present in places. Do you know the story of Chance the Gardener?




It’s common knowledge that the synergy of collaborative effort drives businesses forward. The thing is that we may want to rethink how this synergy is achieved.

Traditionally, the driving force behind changes has been creative thinking put into operation through the work of dedicated teams. How about replacing teams with clusters? The differences between the two are quite substantial.




They say you never have a second chance to make the first impression… And this is exactly why it’s good to know how to shine right off the bat.

No matter how many tricks you already know, it’s always useful to add another one to your repository. Here are seven pieces of advice which may come in handy sometime somewhere.




The days of the brand seem to be numbered. A new era of utility, function and customization is dawning.

As consumers keep looking for new means of self-expression, the mass appeal of mainstream brands may lose its power. And thanks to the Internet, what was once considered inaccessible is suddenly close at hand.