Not everyone is cut out for being an entrepreneur, but each organization has its own intrapreneurs. They are the ones who are willing to go out of their way to turn an idea into a profitable finished product or service while working for that particular organization.

How to recognize such individuals? How to make them stay and help them make use of their talent for the benefit of the entire organization?




Businesses are like babies. They grow, they demand your full attention and …they can be easily spoilt. That’s why it’s extremely important to be as responsive to them when they are fully mature as when they were only learning to walk.

Here are  some tips on how to avoid falling into three common traps which may ultimately lead to your business’s untimely demise.




Even though for a lot of people meetings are synonymous with wasting time, they are an indelible part of corporate life. Meetings can be productive, enlightening and, well, entertaining – the thing is that the art of conducting them is still impenetrable to many.

Take a look at these 6 tips on how to make your meetings cool.




As usual, the release of new iPhones has sparked a lot of debate. There are those who believe this is not just a step, but a leap forward in mobile technology. There are also those who think it’s just an incremental improvement over the previous model. There are also those who consider this a step backwards.

Are the new iPhones a fruit of creativity or innovation? And what’s the difference between the two anyway?




Humans have a natural tendency to accept the status quo. And it doesn’t really matter whether or not the status quo is really the best possible. Such a mindset often results from the fact that we’re simply reluctant to change things. Even if the change is for the better.

There are many reasons why it’s so difficult to make a decision to change. But change, however scary it might be, has always been part and parcel of human life. Change is only a question of time.