It is often said that how you start your day will set the tone for the rest of it. Consequently, the question is what to do in the morning (and what not to…) to start your day right.

Check out: Never do this in the morning





  • horrendous – shockingly dreadful; horrible
  • detrimental – damaging; harmful
  • overwhelm – to overcome completely in mind or feeling
  • errand – a short and quick trip to accomplish a specific purpose, as to buy something, often for someone else


Think about it

Answer the questions below.

  • What is the author’s attitude towards the article about snoozing in the morning?
  • What according to author is the worst thing that a lot people do in the morning?
  • What are emails according to author and what do we do to ourselves if we check them first thing in the morning?
  • What is a “brain dump?” How can it be done effectively?
  • What can you gain by not reaching for the phone in the morning?


Practice makes perfect


Fill in the blank spaces with the missing words.Use ONE word word per blank space.

Forget about everything else you wrote ________. This starts your day ________ the right footing. Next — still without visiting that inbox — open your calendar (I use an 8×11 size week-at-a-glance calendar) and find a 30-minute block in your day when you can focus ________ your top three things, uninterrupted.

Find the sentences below in the original article and fill in the blank spaces with the missing fragments. What do all of these sentences have in common?

  • I prefer to rip the bandage off and push myself out of bed as soon as I ________ the alarm.
  • By checking your texts or e-mails first thing, you just let someone else set your priorities before you ________ breakfast.
  • I turn off the alarm, and don’t pick up the phone again until I ________ a few other things to put myself in control and my priorities first.
  • I guarantee you either fire up the computer or tablet as soon as you ________ your bedroom or as soon as you ________ at work.
  • Don’t check e-mail until you ________ a chance to figure out your top three priorities for the day and perhaps, ________ a cup of coffee or tea with a clear mind.

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